Pipe Coatings CC, specialist applicators of Protective Coatings was established in 1986. Pipe Coatings is part of the Metal & Steel Construction Industry and is nationally recognized in abrasive blasting, corrosion resistant coatings, pipe linings and pipe wrappings.

We are also in the fortunate position of offering one of the largest controlled and undercover coatings facilities in the region.

Pipe Coatings has state of the art, first class technology in providing excellent quality for their own team and to provide first world service to their customers.

Pipe Coatings WorkshopPipe Coatings has a number of professionals with expertise and experience in corrosion protection, abrasive blasting, tank linings, industrial painting, tape wrapping and on site pipe joint repairs.

Pipe Coatings has an established contracting division handling all types of applications, which combine the resources of Pipe Coating’s workshops with the flexibility of site operations.

Our suitably skilled staff and management have an outstanding safety record and ownership of a vast collection of specialty equipment and machinery ensure successful completion of all types of projects.

Allow our project managers to implement a creative, innovative industrial coating solution.  Rest easy knowing your project will be completed with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.  We will meet the most rigorous engineering standards while ensuring safety on the job and maintaining an environmentally friendly job site.

Each coating job is unique, therefore we have a large variety of surface preparation equipment and painting equipment available in our inventory.   Adequate surface preparation is required in order to achieve the maximum life of each coating system.  Pipe Coatings has extensive knowledge in each of the surface preparation techniques that coating manufacturers specify.  Owned equipment increases our efficiency and reduces costs to our customers.

We are approved applicators for all major paint manufacturers in South Africa.

We are approved applicators to the entire range of Denso products, including tape wrapping to above and below ground piping.

Pipe Coatings understands the tight time frames industrial projects must be completed in.  We own the equipment and employ the skilled knowledgeable personnel to ensure a quality project is completed on schedule.

Our company prides itself on making you look better! We provide complete industrial sandblasting & painting solutions. And best of all – your equipment and parts can be brought to our facility, or we can send our mobile equipment to you… It doesn’t get any easier!

We have mobile units that can go anywhere the open road will take us. Our experienced and trustworthy team members understand the battles that you face everyday, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make your project run as smooth, and worry free, as possible.

When we leave your site, the only thing you will be left with is the finished product that we both can be proud of.

We take  pride in our technological competence, top rated quality assurance systems and industrious work ethic that is able to tackle any project presented to us.

Qualifications / Accreditation’s


Proud company member of the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa

Pipe Coatings is a proud level 3 B-BBEE contributor with a recognition level of 110%!

Malcolm Cobbledick

  • Nat. Dip. Mech Eng
  • Nace Coatings Inspector Level 2 – Certified (15514)

Tyrone Mickleburgh

  • Nace Coatings Inspector Level 3 – Certified (45079)

Yvar Van Achthoven

  •  Nace Coatings Inspector Level 1 – Certified (59255)


Pipe Coatings sister company, Lubriclean, is a supplier of a wide range of oils, greases, lubricants, degreasers, cleaning agents and allied hardware.